イギリスのAOI WIA2022【ロングリスト】に入選しました

和歌山市民図書館 移動図書館

イギリスのイラストレーター協会『 AOI 』が開催する国際コンペ “world illustration awards 2022″





International competition world illustration awards 2022 held by the British Illustrators Association “AOI”. When We applied for the mobile library in Wakayama City, which I made last year, I was selected as a long list of 500 works out of more than 5000 works.

Lositoloca creates wrapping designs and illustrations. Throughout the entire body, the story of each book and animals is drawn so that the viewer can feel it.We are deeply moved that her work in Wakayama, her hometown, was highly evaluated in overseas competitions.

This mobile library departs from the Wakayama Civic Library and travels to 35 locations in the city, including schools and parks.

We hope that the mobile library will continue to be used by many people.

Thank you.

和歌山市民図書館 移動図書館
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